General Data Protection Regulation

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced to protect people from organisations using their data irresponsibly and puts them in charge of what information about them is stored, where it is stored and how it is used and shared. EVAAS fully supports this view and this document outlines EVAAS’s policy and practices regarding the above.

The nature of personal data held by EVAAS

EVAAS may record the following personal information items in its data systems:

  • Name and Salutation (indicates gender) of members and of persons who have asked for additional information by completing the online registration form
  • Organization and Job Title
  • Relationship with EVAAS (e.g. Member of the Board, Member etc.)
  • Email addresses, Phone and Fax numbers
  • Geographical region
  • Wish to be registered / unregistered

How personal data is acquired by EVAAS

Data about individuals is recorded either through business relationships, such as membership of EVAAS, or through an active indication of interest in EVAAS and its activities.

How EVAAS uses personal data

Most of the data held by EVAAS is used for business communications only whereby a business relationship with EVAAS, such as membership, is established. These include the organisation of meetings, the undertaking of project work, policy updates, documentation updates, special announcements etc. A regular newsletter is sent to both members and other interested parties.

Some of the information items outlined above are used to target communications effectively so that only relevant parties are contacted.

Personal data is not shared with third parties who are not contracted EVAAS service providers without the explicit permission of the individual in question.

How personal data is stored and managed by EVAAS

Personal data is held in various systems and databases in either France (our financial centre) or other European member countries by EVAAS Board Members.

Membership Database:
Data is stored in a database on a secure server. Access to the database is restricted to EVAAS Board members. Updates are undertaken manually by EVAAS Board members.

Financial System:
Data is stored on a secure proprietary database. Access to data is restricted to EVAAS Board Members. Updates are undertaken manually by EVAAS Board members.

Marketing Distribution List:
EVAAS stores data on a secure server and does not share names, salutations and email addresses.

The EVAAS website: is being hosted by the external service provider whereas the domain and email are hosted with . Only the name and email contact of registered EVAAS members who have voluntarily registered for membership access are being stored in this online tool.

Accessing the personal data held about you by EVAAS

At any time you may request a copy of the information we hold about you in a machine-readable format.

Requesting the deletion of an individual’s personal data from EVAAS records

You may at any time request us to remove your personal information from our records, object to the processing of your information or raise a concern or complaint about how your information is used.

If you withdraw your consent to us keeping and processing your data, we will keep a record of that withdrawal and not reinstate your data in future without your permission.

Notifications in cases of Privacy Breaches

EVAAS and its contracted service providers have communications policies in place to inform individuals if the privacy of their personal data is or has been breached.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Questions regarding EVAAS’s data use policy may be directed to its DPO – Mr. Kevin Greene – under the email contact: