Services provided by EVAAS are still being developed and will be published here

EVAAS members provide various services to the air cargo industry such as

  • Providing validations according to EU Regulations
  • Pre-validation and validation of your security programme and security measures
    • (Please note that if the validator is conducting a pre-validation, he/she may not conduct the validation of the same premises).
  • Industry consultations
  • Training in Aviation Security

A current list of Aviation Security validators  who are also member of EVAAS  can be found under this link:

EVAAS members-2017-12-05

Please note, all members of EVAAS have adopted the EVAAS Quality charter which ensres highest level of validation undertaken in line with EU Regulation and Member States policy.

EVAAS – as a rule – cannot provide additional information of commercial nature as this is up to the discretion of the individual validator.

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