EVAAS is an international non-profit association representing European Aviation Security Validators based across the EU and internationally. Our headquarters are at Saint Exupéry Airport, Lyon, France.

We are the only official association for Aviation Security Validators and are formally recognised by the European Commission and Member States, by the UK CAA and by industry stakeholder groups such as IATA, AEA, ACI, CLECAT, EEA, AAPA, etc.

The issues affecting Validators and the work that they do globally under the EU and UK aviation security ACC3 programmes are numerous and varied. Whilst it is often the direct responsibility of national aviation security regulators to address these, EVAAS aims to collaborate where appropriate to encourage the adoption of a consistent and harmonised approach across Europe.

EVAAS is also continually undertaking work to improve the quality of validations, as well as the overall security of the cargo supply chain. We will also contribute towards the development and delivery of training for validators, as well as developing briefing and learning packages for business entities involved in secure cargo supply chains.